Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

What Happens When An Ovarian Cyst Bursts?

What happens when an ovarian cyst bursts? 
In most cases, there are no symptoms of ovarian cysts. Sometimes if a cyst grows large it might cause the abdomen to swell thus leading to its detection. Sometimes a cyst may cause pressure on the bladder thus leading to the need or the urge to urinate more often. There might be some pain or discomfort, acute pain during intercourse. The monthly cycles may get effected, they may become irregular or stop or the flow might be heavier or lighter.

What Happens When An Ovarian Cyst Burst

But in most cases there are no symptoms to indicate the presence of a cyst. In most cases cysts are detected during regular pelvic check up or during an ultra sound examination which might have been prescribed for some other reason. Cysts generally cause no harm and disappear on their own. But in some rare cases a cyst may cause serious problems. The cyst may twist on it self and lead to excruciating pain, nausea and vomiting.

And in some very serious cases a cyst might burst or rupture. In such a situation the patient experiences severe pain that spreads over the lower abdomen and the over all pelvic area. The pain can be associated with the condition of the cyst and its composition; on various facts such as whether the cyst was infected, whether there's bleeding involved.

A person suffering from cyst and feeling such a pain should definitely rush to the hospital, as this condition demands immediate treatment. The pain experienced is caused because the peritoneal cavity gets irritated by the blood or the components present in the cyst. The cyst might also contain high amounts of prostaglandins which can lead to swelling and more pain.

The normal rupture of follicles in order to release the egg and the rupture of a cyst is basically similar but they have some very strong differences as well. The rupture of a follicle causes very minute pain and very little bleeding, but the rupture of a cyst leads to a very painful situation and a huge amount of bleeding might be involved.

The peritoneal cavity or the peritoneum constitutes of a large number of nerve endings and hence it is highly irritable. A 10 ml of blood is enough to cause irritation to it.  When a cyst bursts the liquids inside the cysts spread outside and affect the blood vessels thus causing them to bleed in to the peritoneal cavity. This leads to an intense and acute pain.

Generally the cyst disappear on its own but still the fear of a cyst rupturing inside the body looms large on women suffering from ovarian cysts. Though the pain is not fatal but it is definitely very intense and causes complications and discomfort.

The best way to deal with this situation is to prevent a rupture. The holistic approach addresses not the rupture neither the cyst but rather the underlying cause. Thus preventing the recurrence of cysts and also eliminating the ones which are present; thus preventing the rupture too. Unlike the conventional methods of treatment that only deal with the symptoms the holistic approach believes in an over all development and nurturing of the mental, physical and emotional health. It addresses the underlying causes thus eliminating the condition of ovarian cysts right from the roots.

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