Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Symptoms Of Ovarian Cyst Bursting: The HIDDEN List

Ovarian cysts are customary in most adult females in their childbearing age. In fact, functional ovarian cysts are formed as a matter of routine in the ovaries of younger women without their presence being felt by the host. Their disappearance, which is also equally common, is overlooked, too to a great extent. However, when one of them bursts, things become different. It causes pain, discomfort and malaise which evidently can not be ignored. But here again, confusion reigns supreme since normal menstruation is also associated with the same signs and symptoms.

Symptoms Of Ovarian Cyst Bursting

Nevertheless, the pain linked with ovarian cyst bursting is much more intense as compared to those relating to monthly periods. But there again, manifestations relating to both normal menstruation and abnormal cyst bursting also vary from person to person, creating diagnostic difficulties. Additional problems appear in the shape of a few complex ovarian cysts that display the same symptom as that of ruptured cysts! However, certain distinguishing factors that expressly provide symptoms of ovarian cyst bursting are detailed below for the convenience of the reader.

Pain in the pelvic area extending to the thigh (referred tenderness) associated with ovarian cyst bursting is far more intense as compared to those linked with normal monthly periods. In fact it could be as excruciating as to need strong doses of pain-killers to provide relief. Sometimes pain may be accompanied by uterine bleeding and dull continuous backache. Severe pain is also felt before, during and after menstruation. This is an unquestionable symptom of ovarian cyst bursting that even a lay man can recognize.

Erratic or irregular menstruation in women who have crossed their teens may indicate ovarian cyst bursting. Amazingly enough, the menstruation could be as scanty as to last just for a day, hardly requiring a couple of absorbent pads or could prolong for days on end with copious blood flow needing scores of absorbents. Agonizing pain in the pelvic area often accompanies the lengthy periods.

Sexual intercourse for women affected by ovarian cyst bursting is also an extremely painful episode. The pain is particularly felt in the lower abdomen and is radiated through the pelvic area most of the time.

Sudden vaginal bleeding, not related to menstruation is also a prime symptom of ovarian cyst bursting in mature women. Bleeding may be heavy as well as light, lasting for a few hours to few days, depending on the type of the cyst and the damage done to it. Strange, though it may sound, some cysts repair themselves somehow, when the unaccounted for bleeding stops on its own.

Ovarian cyst bursting can create bladder related problems, resulting in women experiencing problems trying to relieve themselves. Symptoms include strong urge to urinate but feeble flow due to the ruptured cyst's effect on the bladder.

Ovarian cyst bursting may also cause dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, vomiting and at times might even mimic symptoms of early pregnancy in young women. Exasperating in every sense of the word, symptoms of ovarian cyst bursting can be misleading, confusing and baffling to anyone unacquainted with this disease condition.

Symptoms of ovarian cyst bursting and the Holistic approach

No matter how serious are the consequences of ovarian cyst bursting, taking a holistic approach towards its recovery may prove to be of immense value. Instead of providing a cure to the symptoms, the holistic approach aims at eliminating the disease condition at its root, thereby hitting it hard on its head. Besides, it is completely free of any side-effect and works on the principle of curing the body and mind together. This belief that also forms the core of the Indian system of 'Yoga', has now been widely accepted by the contemporary medical profession all over the world and the holistic approach is believed to replace conventional system of medication in the not too distant future.

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