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Does Soy Worsen Ovarian Cysts? The ANSWER Is Here

Does soy worsen ovarian cysts? Many ovarian cyst sufferers ask this question. It wasn't till long ago that soy milk or soy products were considered very healthy. It was considered health food and old, young men, women even infants were fed on a diet of soy products. But research is now proving that soy products are not that healthy. In fact they can play havoc with the hormonal balance in your body.

Soy Worsens Ovarian Cysts

Soybeans are rich in plant compounds that in fact mimic estrogen the female hormone. Many post menopausal women are prescribed soy products to control their hormonal imbalance. The soy products produce loads of hormones to correct the imbalance. But when this same rich in hormones diet is fed to infant girls, or young women who already are have the right hormonal balance, can you even imagine what happens?

Research has proven that infants fed on soy products reach their puberty much earlier. The development of breast can start as early as 18 months! It also leads to the development of breast cancer in later age. It also makes the women more susceptible to ovarian cysts by creating a hormonal imbalance.

Ovarian cysts are caused when the follicle filled with fluid is unable to release the egg due to some reason or even after releasing the egg the opening of the follicle reseals itself with the fluid still inside. When this follicle continues to grow it forms a cyst. There are many factors that can cause ovarian cysts, and hormonal imbalance is one of them. And research is proving that a diet based on soy products triggers a hormonal balance thus paving the way for ovarian cysts. It also worsens the situation where a cyst already exists.

Ovarian cysts are benign in nature i.e. they don't cause any harm. In most cases there aren't any symptoms present either. The presence of symptoms is generally detected during a regular pelvic check up or during an ultra sound examination. These benign cysts generally resolve away in a few months' time with very little or even no treatment. Generally a woman is not even aware of the presence of cysts in her body.

But there are cases when the cyst might turn complicated, be cancerous in nature. Such a cyst can cause lot of pain and discomfort. It can lead to bleeding, severe pain, nausea, dizziness, weakness and many other discomforts. In many cases the cyst might have to be operated on.

The conventional methods of treatment only try to cure the cyst without bothering about the hormonal imbalance i.e. actually causing the cysts. The holistic approach on the other hand tries to take control of the situation by going for the root cause. It does not only addresses the cyst, it corrects the diet, addresses the emotional, mental stress levels, the environmental factors, the physical factors, in short it addresses and takes into consideration everything that actually can cause ovarian cysts.

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