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What Are Recurrent Ovarian Cysts? An Analysis

Before delving deeper into the phenomenon of recurrent ovarian cysts, it may be prudent to find out why and how cysts are at all created in the human ovary.

One of the most common cysts that are clinically called functional cysts get formed when the egg-bearing follicle fails to release the ovum after a given period of time, and instead of dissolving on its own, go on increasing in size, thus forming a cyst. However, researchers have found that the follicle alone is not responsible for this failure. If we get into the heart of the matter, it will be found that the follicle could not afford to release the ovum as the ovum or the egg itself had failed to reach maturity. This happened because the ovaries had failed to produce adequate hormonal secretions that are necessary for its development.

When this chain reaction is repeated at each menstrual cycle, recurrent cysts are formed within the ovary. So to break free from this cycle, you will need to come out of this chain reaction. The polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS also originates from similar circumstances. However, the basic difference between recurring ovarian cysts and PCOS is in the fact that a PCOS ovary is perpetually loaded with numerous cysts, whereas recurrent cysts come and go on their own.

Cysts are also likely to recur when some of them are surgically removed from the ovary either through laparoscopic process or by open surgery. Moreover, the phenomenon of recurring ovarian cysts depends on multiple factors that include lifestyle (sedentary type), diet, alcohol intake and stress. Certain medications can give rise to their formation in the ovary too.

The only of getting rid of recurring cysts in the ovary is through the holistic approach of resolving the issue. Conventional treatments can only address the symptoms, but never the root causes for which, the holistic way of treatment is the only way out.      

Recurrent Ovarian Cysts

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Recurrent Ovarian Cysts

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