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Do PCOS Diets REALLY Help?

The polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is common among women in the age group of 12 to 45 years and this can even leave a woman infertile. It is actually quite common as this hormonal disorder affects one in every ten women all over the world. The condition is closely related to heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, chronic inflammation, asthma and other health problems.


Triggered with high insulin levels in the body, a woman with PCOS tends to gain weight and become obese. The condition is controllable with regular exercising, proper sleep and maintaining a balanced diet. It is important to shed those extra pounds, if one wants to improve her condition. Yes, PCOS diets count a lot in the improvement of a woman's health condition.


An obese woman should try and avoid the consumption of carbohydrates in the form of bread, rice and sweets, as the sugar in these foods increases the level of insulin in the body and makes the person grow fat. Dates and honey are great alternatives that you can try out if you have a sweet tooth.


Are you suffering from PCOS and are not obese? Well, if you are getting regular periods, it is safe for you to consume 50-55% of calories from fruits, vegetables and food grains, and 20-30% calories from egg whites, whole pulses and low fat dairy products. In all cases, rich desserts, fried food, red meat and other food with saturated and trans-fats need to be avoided.


For PCOS cure, apart from maintaining a healthy diet, you should always rely on holistic remedies. These remedies treat the root cause of the condition and provide relief to the patients, which the conventional medications fail to do. Do remember that conventional cures just treat the symptoms, and not the contributing factors, and so the cyst often returns.  

PCOS Diets

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