Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Pain From Ovarian Cyst Is A WARNING Sign. Don't Ignore It

Ovarian cysts usually do not cause any pain or discomfort. In fact many women are not even aware that they have cysts in their ovaries. Functional ovarian cysts are normally occurring sacs filled with fluids that come and go on their own, causing very little or no consequences at all. However, when they become abnormally large, rupture or twist, the otherwise innocuous cysts cause severe abdominal pain.

Pain From Ovarian Cyst

Studies have shown that cysts larger than 10 centimeters are mostly responsible for pelvic pain that may occur unilaterally or bilaterally, i.e. affecting one side or both sides.

Pain on one side or both sides

Most cyst formation (barring those linked to PCOS) is seen in one of the sides, rarely affecting both the ovaries at the same time. The pain then is concentrated either within the left lower abdomen or in the right lower abdomen (the ovarian sites). However, when pain is felt in both the abdomen's sides together, it might indicate cysts in both the ovaries. But such occurrence is rather rare. The pain may also arise from vascular congestion, complex bowel related problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or lactose intolerance or endometriosis.

Oversized ovarian cysts cause pain

As discussed earlier, large ovarian cysts are often the source pain in most women. A 37 year old woman complaining of severe abdominal pain was operated upon sometime ago to reveal an unusually large ovarian mucinous cystadenoma cyst that had turned into a tumor weighing 328 lb or 149 kg which was pressing upon the bladder. Apart from the pain she was subjected to, it created urination problem to the lady tremendously.

Burst ovarian cysts can cause pain

An ovarian cyst can also cause pain when it bursts or ruptures or bleeds. Sometimes a cyst can get twisted or causes the fallopian tube become twisted, thereby giving rise to excruciating pain in the pelvic area. Pelvic pain arising out of ovarian cysts may also take the form of dull constant aching going on for hours together, giving no respite to the sufferer. Though some women may mistakenly attribute their pain in pelvis with menstruating problems, the pain associated with ovarian cyst bursting is far more severe and long-standing in nature to be ignored.

Painful sexual intercourse

Pain from ovarian cyst is also linked with pelvic tenderness during sexual intercourse. Clinically called dyspareunia, the pain can occur during or soon after sexual intercourse and may persist for sometime thereafter.

Painful menstrual period

Ovarian cyst may cause moderate to severe pelvic pain shortly after beginning or ending of the menstrual period that is distinctly different from usual pain or discomfort associated with the issue. And then, there is another episode of pain during bowel movement which can be an exasperating experience for the female.

Pain from ovarian cyst and holistic approach

Though several methods are now applied addressing ovarian cysts and related pain management which include prescription medications and surgery, nothing seems to work better than taking a holistic approach towards the complex issue. While most drugs hardly have any effect on the cysts, surgery, along with its emotional stress and interrelated risk factors can never guarantee recurrence. Holistic approach, on the other hand, takes an altogether different view in treating ovarian cysts. Stressing more upon re-structured diet plan, change of lifestyle that prevents cysts to grow, instead of giving steroids or antibiotics to an immune deficient patient, it opens newer windows for effective cure of ovarian cysts to women who had lost all hope of ever leading a meaningful life.

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