Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian Surgery: Is It
A REALLY A Solution?

At the very outset it needs to be stated that surgical removal of cysts from the ovary is no guarantee that the cysts will not reappear. However the fact remains that, surgery is often recommended. But in conventional treatments, this is never the first priority.

To begin with, the doctor wants to know the nature and the size of the cyst. If it is a normal cyst then it is usually a wait and watch policy because often the cyst goes away on its own. But if it doesn't, then some medications are asked to be taken. If it still does not go away, then ovarian surgery is recommended. Surgery is usually carried out with laparoscopy, but in some cases, the surface needs to be opened up as well.

But in some cases, surgery is recommended at the very beginning, and they are:

         If a cyst has grown to abnormal size and may create severe inconvenience that include pressure on the urinary bladder and surrounding organs.

         In the case of Torsion when the ovary and the cyst appear to have become twisted.

         In the case of severe abdominal pain and hemorrhage.

         Ultrasound image gives extraordinary features of the cyst.

But surgery is not possible in some cases. For example, when the woman is pregnant - no surgeon would take a chance because the baby might be affected.

And of course, as mentioned above, there is no guarantee that the cyst would not return even after surgery. That is because the contributing factors of the ovarian cyst syndrome have all remained within the body.

Ovarian Surgery

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Ovarian Surgery

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