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Ovarian Cyst With Solid Component

Find out everything you need to know about ovarian cyst with solid component

Ovarian cysts are normally sacs filled with fluids. When the follicles containing the egg and fluids fails to release the egg or after releasing the egg if the opening of the follicle closes up again and the follicle still continues to grow then a cyst if formed. Generally a cyst is filled with fluids. And they are benign in nature. Generally the detection of the cyst occurs during the routine pelvic examination or when an ultra sound examination is performed. A cyst normally resolves on its own over a few months' time with little or no medication.

Ovarian Cyst With Solid Component

In some cases the cyst might cause pain, discomfort, and irregular periods. And in situations where a cyst twists on it self or ruptures or bursts spilling the fluids or blood in the abdominal cavity, there can be severe excruciating pain requiring immediate and appropriate treatment. In very rare cases a cyst might be found to be malignant or cancerous in nature. But that is very rare generally cysts are benign in nature.

Though cysts are basically filled with fluids sometime an ultrasound might detect an ovarian cyst filled with solid components as well. In such cases doctors generally prescribe an x-ray as well, which helps in determining the presence of teeth or nails, cartilage or bones in the cyst. This can happen in the case of dermoid cysts. Dermoid cysts are made up of the same tissues that form the human egg due to this reason the dermoid cyst at times contains the presence of teeth, nails, eyes, sweat glands, clumps of hair and even thyroid tissues. Dermoid cysts are generally benign in nature and rarely does a malignant dermoid cyst occur.

The teeth, nails, cartilage etc are the solid components that might sometimes be found in the cyst. And also sometimes hemorrhage or bleeding inside the cyst can lead to blood clots inside the cyst, which during the ultrasound exams appear as the solid components. The cysts that contain solid tissues generally need surgical intervention.

If however, you are in your post menopausal years and the ovarian cyst shows solid components and a complex structure i.e. with inner walls, the only way suggested by doctors is surgery. As surgery is the only way to ascertain if the cyst is cancerous. However do remember that ovarian cyst surgeries may come with complications. So always consider this before opting for surgery.

Though in some cases surgery is the only answer left when the situation becomes really worse like a sudden rupture or when a cyst becomes very large. But it is not the only solution neither does it prevent the cysts from recurring again. The best way to deal with ovarian cysts is the holistic approach. In order to completely rid yourself of this situation you need to eliminate it from the root rather than just treating the symptoms. In regards to ovarian cysts the holistic approach is the best because:

  • It does not cause any side effects and is completely natural.
  • It attacks the root of the ovarian cysts and ensures a complete elimination.
  • You might be able to prevent surgery by opting for the holistic approach.
  • In the holistic approach the rein of treatment is in your hands. You know what you are doing. And instead of just popping pills without understanding why you are taking them, in holistic approach you are explained how the whole process works.
  • Holistic approach not only cures the patient physically but also ensures her emotional and mental health and helps her deal with her situation better.

So, if you are looking for a complete cure for ovarian cyst with solid component then definitely the holistic approach is the one which you should choose. The holistic approach treats the body and the mind, and approaches the body as a whole and tries to remove the fatigue and make the person healthier and refreshed. Because of this the natural immunity of the body is also improved and the person can fight diseases better. As opposed to this, conventional medicines just treat the symptoms and as a result, what caused the cyst is never known. Holistic remedies attempts to find out all the contributing factors of the cyst and then finds out ways to beat each one of them. Thus, the holistic approach is more scientific and it provides better results too.

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