Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian Cyst Natural Herb Remedies: REVEALED

Ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids have been troubling women since time immemorial. Indian Ayurvedic herbal medications and Chinese herbal products that reportedly cure this disease condition date back to 327 BC or even earlier. Celebrated Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was believed to have been affected by sporadic episodes of cystic pain during her much controversial reign.

Ovarian Cyst Natural Herb Remedies

Though benign (non-cancerous) in nature, ovarian cyst can cause severe pain along with associated discomforts in women of all ages (including menopausal females). Sometimes laparoscopic surgery may provide temporary relief but there is no guarantee that cysts will not reappear after sometime. As far as modern medicine is concerned, there is no medication available till today that can cure ovarian cysts.

Herbal treatment or herb remedies may help to eliminate ovarian cysts, if administered correctly. As a matter of fact, the treatment of ovarian cysts appears pretty complex as it involves certain factors that prove difficult to control. For instance, many believe that genetic factors are highly involved with this distressing disease condition while the effects of genetic surgery or alteration are still not within our grasp. Secondly, the liver, or rather an unhealthy organ like the liver may itself require herbal medications to cure effectively. And then there is the question of diet, which greatly varies from continent to continent. Just because Zimbabwean women do not suffer greatly from ovarian cyst, it may be catastrophic to tell a North American woman to opt for Zimbabwean cuisine as a probable course of cure of her ovarian cysts.

Turning to herbal treatment of ovarian cyst or at least the symptoms related to it, many believe in the effectiveness of a Native American plant known as Black Cohosh. This herb, also otherwise known as black snakeroot, rattleweed, rattletop, bugbane and a few others are found in certain parts ofNorth America and is a part of the plant family known as 'Buttercup'. The medication is extracted from its roots and the rhizomes that are termed 'underground stems'.

However, here is a herbal concoction for treatment of ovarian cyst that is available in capsule form and may be tried by women of all ages as it is believed to harbor no side effects. The combination medication is supposed to be taken twice daily from the second week of the menstrual cycle till the beginning of the next cycle and consist of 2 capsules of black cohosh, 2 capsules of dandelion root, 3 capsules of vitex, 2 capsules of black haw, 1 capsule of pau d' arco, 1 capsule of chaparral and 1 capsule of bee pollen.

The herbal treatment also includes another combination that may be taken from the beginning of menstruation to the second week of the cycle and consist of 3 capsules of milk thistle, 3 capsules of blue cohosh, 3 capsules of black cohosh, 2 capsules of wild yam, 1 capsule of yarrow, 1 capsule of chaparral and 1 capsule of bee pollen - also twice a day.

Herbal remedies work best for ovarian cysts when they are combined with the holistic approach. The fact is, ovarian cysts can occur due to many reasons, and since the holistic approach treats the body as a whole; it can go deep within and identify all the causes. The holistic approach is not just about medicines, but it is actually about both physical and mental well being. It shows how to change the diet and the lifestyle for healthy living so that not only can the cyst be cured, but it never comes back again.

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