Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian Cyst Hysterectomy:
Is It An Answer?

Ovarian cysts are basically small sacs that are filled with fluid. Generally, these cysts are not malignant and they do not cause any symptoms. But at times, a cyst can get large enough to cause trouble or turn cancerous, and in such cases, you might be suggested surgery.

If surgery or ovarian cyst hysterectomy is recommended, make sure to talk clearly with your doctor and to get the details as to exactly what the surgery would involve.

Ovarian cyst hysterectomy involves removal of female reproductive organs

         A subtotal hysterectomy procedure involves the removal of the uterus.

         A simple or total hysterectomy removes the uterus and cervix as well.

         A radical hysterectomy involves the removal of the uterus, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes also.

         A supracervical hysterectomy is similar in nature except that it leaves the cervix intact.


After the procedure, you might have to undergo pain and fatigue for long. Total recovery requires at least 4-8 weeks. You have to keep away from sex till your physician feels it is safe. You will have to stay away from any strenuous activity.

Long Term Consequences

Removal of the reproductive organs can lead to a decline of sex hormones, thus affecting the sex life. It can lead to sexual dysfunctions, low libido and the inability to experience orgasms. Hysterectomy also increases the risk of heart diseases and osteoporosis in women.

The best way to deal with ovarian cysts is through the holistic approach, as it does not involve any kind of side effects and neither does it require removal of any organs. Conventional medications and natural PCOS treatments only removes the symptoms, and thus, the cysts always return. But holistic approach removes the root-causes, and thus the ovarian cyst never returns.


                               Ovarian Cyst Hysterectomy

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