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Losing Weight With PCOS:

Let's get into the brass tacks first. The significant factor to losing weight with PCOS is in improving glucose metabolism and lowering insulin resistance. This can be easily achieved by reducing carbohydrate consumption and doing physical exercises.

But this need not necessarily mean that a woman with PCOS must use heavy duty vibrators or use heating machines that are more likely to cause harm than help. Losing weight gradually is probably the best. Instances are not rare when crash diet has caused abrupt loss of fat that surrounds the kidneys, which is of course not good. This, as one may appreciate, will add to her list of ailments and so should never be practiced.

Walking and working with minor weights could be the right answer. One may also go for cycling, swimming, dancing or aerobics to lose weight with PCOS.

Apart from what is mentioned above, a woman with PCOS may do the following to lose weight slowly.

         Adopt a holistic lifestyle by giving up very high protein foods like red meat or meat products like ham, sausages, bacon, etc.

         Avoid fast foods as they are addictive and will make a person consume them more often than what is considered healthy.

         Avoid snacking too often.

         Stick to three basic meals a day.

         Stay away from processed food as these contain extra fat

         Consume food cooked in microwave as half-cooked or barbequed food tends to contain fatty substances.

While losing weight with PCOS is possible, but it is best to lose the ovarian cyst syndrome instead. This is best done through holistic remedies and not conventional treatments and even natural treatments for PCOS. Holistic remedies treat the root causes and not the symptoms, and so, the end results are always good.                                           

Losing Weight With PCOS

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Losing Weight With PCOS

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