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Depression and PCOS:
Is There REALLY a Connection

Depression and PCOS together are like a readymade package. Any woman who's been there would know. If a woman cannot get pregnant if she wants to, that may be cause enough for depression. But if she cannot get pregnant because she has PCOS or the polycystic ovarian syndrome or the ovarian cyst syndrome, then that would be a bigger cause for depression.


Cysts in the ovary are likely to be worrying even if a doctor assures you that they are harmless - the ovary is so intimately connected to the average woman's sense of self. PCOS makes it worse.


A cyst forms most often if the egg is not released as and when it should during menstruation. That's not an immediate worry because it occurs in most women, and routinely dissolves in the menstrual cycle.


Even if it takes longer, it's no worry, because cysts are usually harmless. The delay in dissolving is likely a temporary glitch, the cyst will disappear.


However the worry sets in if successive checkups show that unused eggs are repeatedly failing to dissolve and turn cystoid as it does in the case of PCOS. It means that, much of the ovulation is going waste. This can obviously be depressing to any woman planning a pregnancy with PCOS .


The point is, surgery in any case provides no easy answer. Cysts that form once can form again, even after surgical removal. And PCOS is a particularly stubborn condition.


Women who want to conceive should ideally take the holistic approach because this offers the best cure for ovarian cyst. There are surely conventional medications and natural PCOS treatments too, but the fact is, cysts can happen because of many reasons. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and eradicate all the contributing factors, and so, this approach works best.



Depression PCOS

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Depression PCOS

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