Ovarian Cysts Guide

What Are Cysts?
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If a woman learns that she is suffering from the ovarian cyst syndrome and that they look really ugly, she’s apt to be horrified. Here are the real facts, in brief:


·         A cyst is a sac sitting on body tissue. Its wall completely encloses air, or fluids or semi-solids. It may or may not keep growing, through a channel on the host tissue.


·         Depending on its nature, it may either drop off on its own or be removed.


·         It can form anywhere – on the skin and joints, inside the mouth, brain or other internal organs, including ovaries. There are over 25 types of cysts, mostly caused by genetic disorder or infection.


·         Ovarian cysts however, may also be functional – having nothing to do with disorders, and they can be part of the normal process of menstruation, routinely forming and dissolving. Sometimes however, there can be a complicated ovarian cyst.


·         Malfunctioning body systems can cause tumorous cysts, which are almost always non-cancerous, but may rupture and cause pain and abnormal sexual characteristics.


·         It’s possible to relieve vaginal cramps and physical discomfort of ovarian cysts by emptying the bladder frequently, by using hot water bottles and hot baths, or drinking mint, raspberry or chamomile teas to relax the muscles.


·         Cysts can be prevented from multiplying by using birth control pills (to prevent ovulation).


Cyst treatment is often carried out through surgery or some other conventional cyst removal technique. However, ovarian cysts can still get formed, and this is because most treatments just treat the symptoms. Today’s safest and best therapy is holistic remedies that treat not the symptoms, but the root causes, and thus, once it goes away, it does not come back again.



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