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Clomid Can Make Your Ovarian Cysts WORSE

One of the raging controversies around ovarian cysts is the link between them and the medication called Clomid. Let's start at the beginning. So, what is Clomid? It is a popular fertility drug (chemical name: Clomiphene Citrate), also known as Serophene, which is used for the treatment of ovulation problems and disorders in women. Clomid does this by artificially stimulating ovaries in a woman to help the egg reach maturity.

Clomid Ovarian Cyst

Clomid actually works by controlling the secretion and flow of the estrogen hormone and stimulating the pituitary gland. This produces LH or the Luteinizing hormone and the FSH or the hormone that stimulates follicles. These are naturally produced gonadotropic hormones or LH and FSH in women, which are responsible for stimulating the ovaries so that the follicle is able to bring out the egg.

The problem with using Clomid is that this drug can cause, among other side effects, ovarian cysts in women. Even though controversies and differences in opinion exist with regard to the exact link between Clomid and ovarian cysts, studies point towards a deadly nexus between the two. A woman can get an ovarian cyst while on a course of Clomid. If it is ever discovered that a woman has got ovarian cysts after starting to use Clomid, the medication should be stopped immediately and a physician consulted without delay. Before administering any additional dosage of Clomid, a thorough test needs to be carried out to check for any cyst.

Clomid has also been linked with the enlargement of ovarian cysts. Enlargement of cysts can quickly lead to a host of problems in the affected woman. Some of the more serious ones include rupture, adverse impact on other internal organs and even cancer. Clomid itself can lead to hyper-stimulation of the ovaries where your ovaries may swell up to twice the normal size and can often cause a host of problems.

Treating ovarian cysts with Clomid is not very different from the treatment of ovarian cysts caused otherwise. But a timely intervention is necessary as it saves a lot of trouble and even allows you to bypass surgery. Medications will address the symptoms of ovarian cysts and slowly eradicate them. However, you will probably not be prescribed Clomid again.

So much for treating the symptoms, but what about the chances of recurrence? The better way of combating the effects of Clomid on ovarian cysts is through the holistic approach, which is the new buzzword in the medical world today. It is a practice that is fast gaining popularity worldwide. As a 'Health Concept', holism has been around for a very long time. It has chiefly existed as an alternative stream of thought, but recently that there has been a conscious effort to merge this alternative mode of treatment into the medical mainstream. Holistic approach not only cures ovarian cysts completely, but also provides a deep sense of peace, both at the physical level as well as the mental level. This is achieved by addressing the problem at its root. The approach is potentially very powerful and it not only prevents ovarian cysts in the first place, but also cures them completely and prevents future recurrence.

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