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What Is PCOS?
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Unknown to many women, they have polycystic ovaries. These ovaries produce abnormally large number of follicles as compared to those who have healthy ovaries. A healthy ovary in normal conditions produces around 5 follicles every month and at least 1 of them releases a mature egg during ovulation. But a polycystic ovary ends up producing almost twice the number. And though most of these follicles do mature, none of them release any egg.

What is PCOS:

Studies done in this field show that around 20% women have polycystic ovaries, and around 6% to 10% of them go on to suffer from PCOS. If you are wondering as to what is PCOS, then the answer would be that it is syndrome that takes place due to hormonal imbalance, and doctors also believe that our genes also play a role in this. There are a few more contributing factors as well. In a state of polycystic ovaries, there are many cysts in the ovary, as opposed to the ovarian cyst syndrome where there is just a single cyst.

Listed here are some of the symptoms.

         Irregularity of the monthly cycle, consisting of very scanty or heavy bleeding.

         Discomfort in the lower abdominal area.

         Growth of thick hair on the body, mainly on the face, chest, arms and legs.

         Adult acne

         Skin tags, i.e. growth of excessive skin under the armpits and on the neck.

         A tendency to gain weight.


The syndrome of PCOS also increases the risk of other health problems such as:

         Blood pressure

         Increased cholesterol levels

         Liver and heart disorders

         Type 2 diabetes

Holistic approach is the best way to treat PCOS. Holistic treatments address the underlying causes of the problem and makes sure that they are eradicated, and thus, neither the symptoms nor the syndrome can return again. 

What Is PCOS

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What Is PCOS

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