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What Causes Ovarian Cysts?
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To understand ovarian cysts, we need to understand the causes that are responsible for the condition. The main factor leading to the occurrence of an ovarian cyst is a failed ovulation. A functional ovarian cyst forms when the follicle does not release the egg and continues to grow, and this is what leads to the formation of the cyst. In another scenario, the follicle after releasing the egg closes up again due to some reason. This follicle too continues to grow and does not resolve it self as it is normally supposed to do and ends up forming a cyst.

What causes Ovarian Cysts:

The ovarian cysts are basically nothing but small sacs filled with fluid, and they can be produced every month by the ovaries. These small sacs are called follicles. It is not clearly understood what actually triggers the formation of ovarian cysts. A follicle that started off as a normal entity might end up forming a painful cyst. Then what exactly are the causes of ovarian cysts?

We are however of some of the contributing factors and they are genetic predisposition, poor dietary choices, a weakened immune system, accumulation of toxins in the digestive tract (including environmental toxins) and insulin resistance and obesity. It is however not possible to pin point any one factor as the cause of the cysts. In fact, they may occur as a result of the interaction between various factors.

The best way to deal with ovarian cysts is through the holistic method. The holistic approach treats the body as whole and completely resolves the root causes of the problem, thus making sure that the ovarian cysts are permanently eradicated.        

What Causes Ovarian Cysts

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What Causes Ovarian Cysts

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