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What Are Polycystic Ovaries?

Polycystic ovaries, which is a condition wherein there are many cysts in the ovary is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, research shows that a huge number of women have them. It must however be conceded here that in most cases, women have just a single cyst.

A polycystic ovary produces more follicles than a normal ovary every month. In normal healthy conditions, the ovary produces about five follicles every month, and at least one follicle containing an egg releases a mature egg in the ovulation process. But a polycystic ovary starts producing almost twice the number of follicles, and none of these follicles release any egg, even though they enlarge and mature.

In many cases, the polycystic ovary condition is discovered by accident when the doctor had prescribed an ultrasound exam for some other reason. In other cases, there could be some symptoms such as pain in the abdomen and back, irregular periods, sudden weight gain and the appearance of hair in different parts of the body. If there are any of these symptoms, the doctor will ask you to undergo the ultrasound exam for a confirmation of the polycystic ovary.

In PCOS or the polycystic ovary , since there are many cysts, there can also be stomach swelling, and this is another symptom of the condition.

The ultrasound image shows an enlarged ovary with a ring consisting of many cysts, of about 2 to 8 millimeters around the periphery of the ovary. Even though each cyst in itself is small, but together they make the affected ovary appear larger.

Holistic treatments provide the best solution of treating PCOS, as unlike the conventional treatments, they identify and eradicate the root causes, and not just the symptoms. This is why holistic remedies work so well as a cyst treatment.       

What Are Polycystic Ovaries

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What Are Polycystic Ovaries

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