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Do You Want To Loose Weight But Can't Because Of PCOS?

Obesity is a major characteristic of PCOS. In fact, if you are gaining weight all of a sudden, then it could be a symptom that you might be suffering from the ovarian cyst syndrome or PCOS. Extra weight also tends to worsen the condition and so you should take care.

Weight Loss and PCOS

Women with PCOS tend to gain weight easily, even though there may not be any difference between their diet and someone else’s who does not have cysts. There are various factors responsible for this. Doctors now believe that PCOS is partially at least related to our genes, thus genes play a part in their inability to lose weight. PCOS women are endowed with the ‘thrifty genes’ that are very adept in storing fat so that such food can be used in times of need, which in today’s world doesn’t happen. Thus, this fat just stays stored and keeps increasing.

Women with PCOS have a higher insulin level, which means that they are able to store more blood sugar or glucose. They also suffer from insulin resistance, and in such cases, they need higher levels of insulin.

However, weight gain or difficulty in weight loss is only a symptom of PCOS. To treat the symptom, you need to resolve the actual problem. The holistic mode of treatment does exactly this. It resolves the underlying causes and offers a complete and permanent solution.         

We always hear of women who stay on strict diets but are still unable to lose weight. Whereas their friends eat more and are still able to stay slim. It is like every calorie that they eat is converted and stored in the form of fat. In many cases, these women are suffering from the polycystic syndrome. There is a strong connection between weight gain and PCOS.

Weight Loss PCOS

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Weight Loss PCOS

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