Ovarian Cysts Guide

Have You Been Advised An Ultrasound For Ovarian Cyst?

If your doctor has recommended an ultrasound exam, and you are getting scared, then let me tell you that it is nothing to be afraid of. This procedure does not involve any cuts, surgeries or pain. In fact, the whole procedure will be over in even less than 45 minutes. And you’ll find that during this, the doctor will apply a lubricating jelly on your skin so that the contact between the probe and your skin is better. The doctor will move this probe over your body to get an image of your inside.

The ultrasound exam can be recommended for many issues, and one of them is to detect the presence of the ovarian cyst syndrome or PCOS. If you are showing some symptoms that may indicate the presence of cysts, then the doctor will need to be sure, and so, the ultrasound exam is recommended.

The process uses sound to get a picture of the ovaries. We cannot however hear the sound because its frequency is higher than our hearing ability. This sound will be passed through your skin and the soft tissues. But when it meets a dense mass it is reflected back. This sound which is reflected back is in fact captured o produce the image.

This probe looks like a big pen and it stays connected with the ultrasound machine. You’ll see images of your internal organ appearing on the screen, as the doctor moves the probe slowly over your body.

Once the problem has been diagnosed, you can start the treatment. The holistic mode of treatment is the best cyst treatment as it gives a permanent and complete solution to the problem. Conventional treatments just treat the symptoms and not the root causes and so, the cyst often returns.        

Ultrasound Ovarian Cyst

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Ultrasound Ovarian Cyst

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