Ovarian Cysts Guide

What Are The Various Types Of Ovarian Cysts?

In simple terms, ovarian cysts are fluid filled small sacs occurring inside or outside the ovaries. In most cases ovarian cysts do not cause any trouble and may show no symptoms either. And they may come and go naturally, without the woman even realizing that she has them. But in some cases, these cysts don’t resolve automatically as they are normally supposed to do, and lead to discomfort, pain etc.

Generally, cysts are benign in nature, though at times they might carry cancerous cells. There are two types of ovarian cysts and they can be broadly divided in to two groups. They are:

Physiological ovarian cysts

Pathological ovarian cysts

Types of Ovarian Cyst

Physiological Ovarian Cysts – The cysts that are formed as a normal part of the ovulation cycle are called physiological ovarian cysts. Almost every women of reproductive age carries them in her ovaries. These cysts are very small in size and automatically disappear in a few months. However in some cases, blood and fluid might fill up these cysts, causing severe pain and discomfort. These cysts can be responsible for causing irregularity of the menstrual cycle as well.

Pathological Ovarian Cysts – The cysts that form during the normal procedure of ovulation but do not take part in the actual process are called pathological ovarian cysts. These cysts are usually benign i.e. non-cancerous in nature. But there have been cases when even these cysts have been found to be cancerous. These cysts too get filled with fluid, blood and mucous. They too can lead to severe excruciating pain and discomfort.

You can cure every type of ovarian cyst by adopting the holistic mode of treatment. Holistic treatments address the actual underlying cause of the problem and makes sure that it does not return again. Conventional treatments on the other hand just treat the symptoms, and this is why the cysts often return.    

Type Of Ovarian Cyst

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Type Of Ovarian Cyst

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