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Polycystic ovaries are generally asymptomatic and cause no trouble. The ultra sound exam shows an enlarged ovary with a ring of follicles around the edge. Each follicle is only about 2 to 8 millimeters in size, but together they make the ovary appear much larger.

A lot of women from around the world become a victim of the ovarian cyst syndrome, and many of them have PCOS (a condition where there are many cysts in the ovaries). Though in some cases, there are no symptoms at all, but in others there could be many of them such as pain in the abdomen and the back, irregular or scanty periods, weight gain and excess hair on the body.

There are quite a few medications prescribed by conventional practitioners. But they all target the symptoms and cannot attack the root causes of the problem. You might be asked to take oral contraceptive pills to regulate and correct the hormonal imbalance in your body. Doctors also often suggest surgery to puncture the cyst. Though the cyst will go away, but it can return. However, surgery is often not possible, particularly when the woman is carrying. No surgeon would risk it at this stage.

Surgeries like ovarian drilling are also suggested to treat infertility. These surgeries involve a lot of risk and can lead to ovarian failure. Since only the symptoms can be treated, you get a temporary relief, and a permanent remedy remains allusive.

Opting for holistic treatments for PCOS makes a lot of sense because these treatments offer a permanent relief. Holistic remedies identify the root causes and remove them. Once these causes go away, the symptoms go away too.          

Treatments For PCOS

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Treatments For PCOS

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