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Studies prove that almost 20% of women of the reproductive age have polycystic ovaries. The ultrasound diagram of these women show an enlarged ovary with a circle of follicles around the periphery of the ovary. These follicles each are of about 2 to 8 millimeters, but together they make the ovary appear much larger. This can be an asymptomatic condition and cause no trouble to the host. However, when the woman starts suffering from symptoms like pain, infertility, irregular periods, and unwanted growth of body hair, then they can indicate PCOS. It is then that the treatment of polycystic ovary becomes necessary.

However, the conventional modes of treatment only treat the symptoms rather than the actual cause. Your doctor might ask you to control your weight and do regular exercise as woman suffering from PCOS tend to gain weight very easily, which can further lead to heart problems, diabetes and other health problems.

Birth pills might be recommended to correct your hormonal imbalance and to control the unwanted hair growth. Your doctor might also prescribe drugs to treat the hair growth and for body acne.

But you can clearly see all these treatment of polycystic ovary only treat the symptoms, and not the actual cause, in the same way as your doctor might recommend medications and surgeries to puncture the cyst. But none of these can guarantee a hundred percent relief to you, as they can provide a temporary relief. As long as the actual cause is still present in the body, chances are, the symptoms will always come back.

The holistic method as a treatment of the polycystic ovarian syndrome on the other hand gives a permanent solution as it identifies the root causes and eradicates them. Once these root causes are gone, the symptoms of PCOS go away naturally. And the cyst never comes back again.


Treatment Polycystic Ovary

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Treatment Polycystic Ovary

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