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What Do You Need To Consider While Considering Treatment Of PCOS?

There are two main characteristics of PCOS syndrome namely hyperandrogenism and anovulation. Hyperandrogenism means increased production of serum testosterone and androstenedione. And anovulation basically means the absence of menstrual cycles or irregularity in the menstrual cycles. PCOS patients also show other symptoms like very light or heavy bleeding, unwanted thick hair growth on the chest, face, arms and legs, adult acne, weight gain and the inability to conceive.

The ultra sound diagram also shows an enlarged ovary with a ring of follicles on the edge of the ovary. Each cyst though actually measure only 2 to 8 millimeters, but together they present a very large ovary as compared to one that is healthy. It is very important that the diagnosis of PCOS is done at an early stage so that the treatment of PCOS can start off.

The conventional modes of treatment are unable to give a 100% cure to PCOS, but the treatment of PCOS is definitely possible. Conventional modes of treatments only try to cure the symptoms, for example weight gain, diabetes or infertility, while the actual cause remains in the body. These treatments can also cure the pain, the menstrual problems and the removal of the excess body hair. Thus even with the help of these cures, the cyst might come back because the root causes remain. Remember, only the symptoms are gone.

Treatment of PCOS through the holistic mode gives a complete and permanent solution. The holistic mode identifies the root causes and removes them from the body, thus making sure that neither the symptoms of PCOS nor the polycystic syndrome can return again.       

Treatment PCOS

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Treatment PCOS

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