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The PROVEN Treatment For Ovarian Cyst That Ruptured

The customary treatment for ovarian cyst is more of a symptom based healing procedure. Gynecologists often prescribe oral contraceptives or 'Birth Control Pills' for women (within the child-bearing age) not so much for the purpose of controlling the number of siblings, but for arresting the process of ovulation. If there is no ovulation, cysts will not form in the ovaries.


But such simple therapeutic approach does not work in all cases. Cysts are liable to grow in size, become bulky and start giving undue pressure on the urinary bladder or the bowels. This causes uneasiness and physical discomfort for the woman who has to rush to the toilet too often. And of course, there is the constant pain that can be very acute too. Some cysts also tend to twist, cutting off blood supply to the ovary, thus causing its death.


Then there are cysts that tend to break open or rupture, spilling their contents all over the abdominal cavity consisting of ovaries, uterus, bowels, bladder, and the other organs. And if one of them is the chocolate cyst, so named because it contains chocolate colored stale blood, then it can really turn out to be a messy affair.


When such a patient is rushed to the Emergency Room, it becomes the primary duty of the doctor to stabilize her condition. As soon as this is achieved, pathologists embark on checking her hematocrit level to find out if she has become anemic due to blood loss. Arrangements for blood transfusion may become necessary at this stage. Along with this, urine test is also conducted to check if traces of blood or pus released from the ruptured cyst is going to create any septic condition within the system. And lastly, doctors perform pregnancy test to rule out the formation of ectopic or fallopian pregnancy that may create further complications.


Ovarian Cyst Removal - Here Are The Options


Here are the main treatment options.


  • Treatment with natural progesterone
  • Treatment with antioxidant supplements
  • Treatment through herbs
  • Treatment through surgical means
  • Treatment through homeopathic medications
  • Holistic treatments


Treatment with Natural Progesterone is achieved by making the body believe that it has become pregnant. This hormone is released by a woman at the latter half of the menstrual cycle and all through the gestation period to stop the process of ovulation. And when ovulation is checked, follicles stop growing. In the absence of follicles, cysts grow no more. When a woman is provided with measured dosage of natural progesterone, the body is tricked to believe that it has become pregnant. But this is just a fire-fighting system - the cause of the cyst is not addressed.


Treatment with antioxidant supplements like zinc, primrose oil, vitamins A, E and C along with diet that contains a good amount of dark, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, garlic (raw) and legumes can help. She should avoid red meat, white sugar, processed or refined foods, and also alcohol, caffeine and carbonated beverages.


Treatment through herbs can restore the hormonal balance of the body and some people believe that this approach works too. The herbs include burdock, black cohosh,St. John's wort, dandelion, yarrow, Siberian ginseng, nettles and red raspberries. Also effective are Chinese herbs that include Dong Quai, Astragalus, Rehmannia roots and Scrophularia root.


Treatment through surgical means include Cystectomy and Oophorectomy while procedures may include laparoscopy and laparotomy. Cystectomy is often employed for non-cancerous ovarian cysts. But surgery may cause complications, and they do not guarantee that the cyst will not return.


Oopherectomy, on the other hand, involves removal of one or both the ovaries (along with cysts), thus rendering the woman incapable of conceiving. This surgical process creates many psychosomatic problems in women who lose their ability to produce hormones and has to depend on Hormone Replacement Therapy. HRT, as we know, has currently become a hot topic among the medical fraternity in the United States where public opinion goes very much against its implementation.


Holistic treatment for ovarian cyst is by far the best method of curing the disease. The fact is, all other treatment approaches just treat the symptoms and not the root causes. This is a mistake because as long as the causes are not found and eliminated, the cyst and its symptoms will keep coming back. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and hits at the root of the problem and cure the ailment step-by-step. And this is why the person can become free of ovarian cyst forever.

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