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What Are The Best Treatment Options For Lymph Nodes?

Lymph nodes are small oval structures that form a very important component of our immune system. These lymph nodes can be found all over our body and they help us fight infections. The lymph nodes can become painful or swollen due to some underlying cause, and the treatment of lymph nodes is only possible by treating the reason causing it.

In spite of being a part of the immune system, the fact is, these lymph nodes end up helping the spread of ovarian cancer or in fact any other cancer. Swollen lymph nodes are a common symptom of ovarian cancer. Although most ovarian cysts are benign in nature, yet at times these cysts might carry cancerous cells in them.

These cancerous cells spread by entering the lymphatic system and then reaching the lymph nodes in other areas. This spread of cancer is called metastatic. Ovarian cancer cells might spread to other places like the stomach, pelvis or chest, and they can even spread to the liver or lungs. And once it spreads to the new place, a new tumor comes up, carrying the same kind of cancer cells as the original one. Thus, ovarian cancer that has spread to the liver won’t be called liver cancer, but rather it will be treated as ovarian cancer itself.

Due to the spread of cancer, the adjoining lymph nodes can become swollen and painful. The swollen lymph nodes nearer to the skin are visible to the naked eye, but the swollen lymph nodes lying deep under skin can be diagnosed only with the help of CT scan.

Treatment of Lymph Nodes

There is no particular treatment of lymph nodes, as lymph nodes only get affected due to some underlying-cause for example ovarian cancer, the treatment of ovarian cancer will in fact cure the swollen and painful lymph nodes as well.

The holistic method provides a permanent and complete solution to the ovarian cysts and related problems. Thus, once the ovarian cysts and their root causes are gone, never to come back, other related symptoms like the swollen lymph nodes also disappear forever.       

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