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Do YOU Know About The Different Treatments For PCOS?

The main characteristics of the polycystic syndrome are anovulation i.e. irregular or non existent periods and hyperandrogenism i.e. accelerated levels of serum testosterone and androstenedione. Women suffering from PCOS also have to experience abnormal monthly periods that consist of very light bleeding or a very heavy flow of blood. They also face weight gain, infertility, growth of unwanted hair on the body and face, hair loss and also adult acne.

If you do some asking around, and if the women are quite frank with you, then you are sure to conclude that a huge number of them are suffering from the ovarian cyst syndrome. In fact, there are those who believe that almost every woman in the child bearing age, have got the cysts at least once. And in a huge number of cases, the cysts keep coming back.

If you also do some research on the Internet, you will find many treatments that are available. But sadly, most of these are not that effective. At best, they treat the symptoms, and not the causes, and so, even if the symptoms go away, they make a quick comeback.

The conventional doctor will either ask you to take some medicines, or the person will prescribe surgery. In both of these cases, the cyst might go away, but much to your frustration and agony, they might return, bringing back their symptoms.

Surgeries always tend to involve some sort of risk and side effects. But treatment for PCOS through the holistic mode of treatment is completely devoid of any side effects. The holistic method addresses the root causes of the problem and removes it permanently, thus getting rid of the cysts forever.


Treatment For PCOS

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Treatment For PCOS

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