Ovarian Cysts Guide

Treatment Of Cysts:
The Various Options

Every case of ovarian cyst is not dangerous. However sometimes, they can lead to serious complications. In most cases, they are just functional cysts and they get cleared up on their own.

But in some cases, these cysts obstruct the blood supply to the ovaries, or continue to grow larger instead of disappearing on their own. Sometimes, the cysts might also become malignant, and when that happens, medical help is immediately required. The treatment of cyst depends on the respective conditions of each particular case.

Here are the various modes of treatment of cysts.

Oral Contraceptives Pills

Oral contraceptive pills are actually nothing but progesterone and estrogen in condensed forms. These hormones can control the menstrual cycle. By taking these pills, a woman can avoid the arrival of her monthly period. In such a case, there is no ovulation as the monthly period cycle has been stopped, and there are thus no cysts. These pills can however cause side effects.


Cystectomy is slowly becoming very popular as a treatment of non-cancerous cysts. In this, the patient is still able to conceive as her ovaries remain intact. However if the cysts are found to be cancerous, then the affected ovaries need to be removed.


Also popularly known as orchiectomy, this procedure is recommended by doctors only when everything else has failed. In this procedure, one or both the ovaries are required to be removed, and with this goes any chance of conceiving.

Surgeries or any other treatment might give respite for sometime, but a permanent remedy through conventional treatments is not possible. That is because, they just treat the symptoms, while not bothering about the root-cause. The holistic method on the other hand identifies the root cause and eradicates them completely, thus making sure that the treatment of cysts is complete and permanent. 

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