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The PCOS Diet: An Explanation

Women suffering from PCOS have a tendency to easily gain weight and often become obese, and this further makes the matter complicated. Thus, it becomes very important to follow the PCOS diet.

The main reason behind the weight gain is that the body is unable to process insulin. Insulin is a powerful hormone that is released from the pancreas. The main function of this hormone is to transport sugar from the blood to the muscles, fat where it is further converted in to energy for the various functioning of the body, or as fat to be stored in the body.

Sufferers of PCOS end up processing too much insulin, and this makes it difficult to lose weight as the fat gets stored with high insulin levels. Thus, it is important to follow the PCOS diet to prevent weight gain.

If you are suffering from PCOS, then you have to keep in mind that you cannot follow the normal diet plan of healthy people to lose weight. Low fat and high carbohydrate diet is definitely not the best approach for PCOS patients. Research shows that the PCOS diet for women who are suffering from PCOS should contain approximately only 50% calories from carbs, but this holds true only if you are not already obese and do follow a regular exercise regime.

However, if you are already suffering from obesity and are found to be insulin resistant, then your carbohydrate intake should definitely not exceed 40%.

Following the PCOS diet helps in keeping your weight in control and will save you from falling a prey to cardiovascular problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The diet will definitely help, but it will not help you get rid of the ovarian cyst syndrome permanently. That is because the root causes remain. The holistic method treats the body as whole and eradicates the contributing factors, and once they are gone, the cyst and its symptoms will never return again.

The PCOS Diet

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The PCOS Diet

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