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Identify The Causes And Symptoms Of The PCOS Syndrome

Polycystic ovaries are not very uncommon. Many women suffer from this condition, where their ovaries start producing abnormally large number of follicles every month. Normally an ovary produces five follicles each month during the monthly period, and at least one follicle releases a mature egg during ovulation. But a polycystic ovary produces at least twice as many follicles, but though most of them enlarge and ripen, none of them release the egg.

Research shows that around 22% to 33% women suffer from polycystic ovaries, and a few of them actually suffer from syndrome PCOS, i.e. they suffer from other symptoms as well including the polycystic ovaries.

Syndrome of PCOS is visible when the hormonal system goes haywire, leading to irregular ovulation; this further leads to other changes in the body. Around 5% to 15% of women of the reproductive age suffer from PCOS.

Listed below are the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome:

Irregular or absence of periods

Light bleeding or very heavy bleeding

Experiencing discomfort in the abdomen

Thick, noticeable hair growth on the face, chest, arms and legs

Adult acne

Growth of skin tags or excessive skin growth under the armpits or on the neck

Weight gain

Inability to conceive

The PCOS syndrome also increases the risk of various other health problems, including:

Blood pressure

High levels of cholesterol in the blood

Liver and heart and problems

Type 2 diabetes

If you are suffering from PCOS, then the best way to treat this problem is with the holistic method. The holistic method without any side effects provides a permanent solution to this problem.

Syndrome PCOS

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