Ovarian Cysts Guide

Find Out About The Symptoms of Polycystic Ovaries Here.

Polycystic ovaries are a term that is used to refer to those ones where there are many cysts. In contrast, the ovarian cyst syndrome is used for all those cases where there is just one cyst. Both these cases are actually quite common, as thousands of women who are in the age when they can have a baby have these growths.

These cysts are quite common and usually they cause no problems. But sometimes they rupture (when they become too big), and in these cases, they can create complications. In some other cases these cysts become twisted and this is not good as well. Because of this, it makes sense to know what the symptoms are. Understanding the symptoms quickly will help you start the treatment protocol and take necessary action.

Some of the symptoms of polycystic ovaries are as follows:

         Irregular menstruation

         Problems in conceiving


         Excessive body hair


         Weight gain

         Pain in the pelvic or pain in the abdomen and also in the back region

You must never neglect these symptoms. Though ovarian cyst usually does not cause any problems, but remember, that is not the case always. So if you suspect ovarian cyst because of the symptoms that have been mentioned above, you must promptly visit the doctor and get your condition diagnosed.

The doctor might prescribe medication or ask you to go through surgery if it is a confirmed case of cyst. But think again. The conventional approach will just treat the symptoms and not the root causes. And so, the cyst will return. Turn to holistic remedies instead to get your causes treated, and the symptoms will go away automatically.       

Symptoms Polycystic Ovaries

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Symptoms Polycystic Ovaries

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