Ovarian Cysts Guide

Symptoms of PCOS: Are
They Easy To Identify?

Generally, polycystic ovaries are asymptomatic, but at times they might be accompanied with symptoms. Go through the list of symptoms of polycystic syndrome to understand whether you might be suffering from this problem.

Most women do not even realize that they have the cysts. Or even if the symptoms are present, they donít cause much harm, but at times, they can lead to serious complications. Thus, it becomes important to understand the symptoms PCOS and get an early diagnosis. This of course helps, because the treatment can be started quickly.

Symptoms of PCOS:

Irregularity of monthly periods or even absent periods: In PCOS, the woman is not able to ovulate at all or ovulates only occasionally. Thus monthly periods also become irregular or donít occur at all.

Inability to conceive: As the person suffering from PCOS is unable to ovulate, conceiving without seeking any kind of medical help becomes almost impossible.

Miscarriage: Cysts often come in the way of pregnancy. In many cases, the woman is unable to conceive. But if you have just experienced a miscarriage, then it could be a sure sign of PCOS.

Unwanted body hair: If you suddenly find unwanted body hair that is thick and easily noticeable, then you should check whether there are cysts or not. The growth occurs mainly on the chest, arms, and legs and on the face.

Acne: Adult acne is also a common symptom of PCOS.

Weight gain: Women easily put on weight if they are suffering from PCOS.

Pelvic discomfort: An occasional discomfort in the pelvic area and in the lower abdomen.

Often, conventional medics make the mistake of treating the symptoms of PCOS. The fact is, even if the symptoms go away, they will return. That is because, the root causes of PCOS remains within the body. The best way to get rid of the symptoms PCOS is by adopting the holistic approach. The holistic mode treats the root causes and not the symptoms and so, once these causes go away, the symptoms vanish naturally.      

Symptoms PCOS

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Symptoms PCOS

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