Ovarian Cysts Guide

What Are The Common
Symptoms of Ovarian Cyst?

Ovarian cysts are nothing but tiny sacs filled with fluid. They occur inside or around the ovaries, and the cysts that occur outside still stay attached to it with a kind of stem. Mostly, cysts are benign i.e. non-cancerous in nature. However in some cases, a cyst might actually be malignant or can even rupture or burst or bleed internally, thus leading to complications.


Thus, early diagnosis of the situation becomes very important, so that the treatment for ovarian cyst can be started as early as possible. To make an early diagnosis possible, it is important to know what the symptoms are, and so, let us now take a closer a look at some of these common symptoms of ovarian cyst.


Symptoms of Ovarian Cyst:


·         Pain in the pelvic area

·         Lower abdominal pain and stomach cramps

·         Excruciating pain that appears suddenly could very well be a symptom of ruptured ovarian cysts

·         Stomach bloating

·         Irregularity of the monthly cycle of periods

·         Experiencing severe pain after the period has started, or during or after it has ended.

·         Severe pain while having sexual intercourse or after it is over

·         Experiencing in other parts like the vagina, thighs and lower back

·         Experiencing pain while passing urine

·         Inability to conceive

·         Breast tenderness

·         Sudden weight gain

·         Nausea and feeling of vomiting accompanied with sudden fever are the symptoms of burst ovarian cyst


It would be a mistake to treat the symptoms of the condition, but sadly, conventional and natural treatments make this mistake. Holistic remedies however treat the root causes of ovarian cysts, and that is why, once these causes are eliminated, the cysts go away for good. The holistic mode of treatment works best for ovarian cysts.      

Symptoms of Ovarian Cyst

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Symptoms of Ovarian Cyst

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