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The occurrence of ovarian cysts is in fact a very common thing – they develop then shrink on their own. In most cases, they remain asymptomatic and the person carrying the cyst doesn’t even realize it. However, in some cases, the cyst does not shrink and rather becomes quite large. These cysts can even burst and cause serious harm. In this article we’ll try to understand in some detail the symptoms of burst ovarian cysts.


In the case of an ovarian cyst burst, you might experience a sudden severe pain in and around your lower abdominal area. The intensity of this excruciating pain depends on the type of cyst you had, and whether there is any bleeding or infection as well.


The most common symptom of burst ovarian cyst is severe pain. This severe pain occurs as the cyst bursts and releases its contents in the abdomen, and the contents get in contact with the peritoneum. The serous membrane lining the inside of the abdominal cavity is known as the peritoneum. It secretes a hormone called serous that works as a lubricant. This peritoneum is actually very sensitive and can get easily irritated.


As the cyst bursts and the blood and other stuff spills out, they irritate the peritoneum, and this is what causes the severe excruciating pain. The severity of the pain also depends on the quantity of blood and nature of the contents of the cyst that comes out.


If the cyst is very large then a large amount of blood gets released, and this is a lot more than what gets released during the normal monthly periods.

A burst ovarian cyst is a very painful situation. Holistic method is the best approach to solve this problem. The holistic method removes the underlying causes of the problem and makes sure that cysts never return.      

Symptoms Burst Ovarian Cyst

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Symptoms Burst Ovarian Cyst

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