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Stomach Bloating: What Are The Causes And Cures?

Stomach bloating is a feeling of tightness experienced in the abdomen, and it can also cause stomach ache and discomfort. Bloating actually occurs when the abdominal cavity gets enlarged due to accumulated fluid, gas etc. because of some kind of functional intestinal obstruction. Stomach bloating is also caused due to ovarian cysts.

The bloating is caused due to the retention of water because of hormonal oscillation. This oscillation can happen due to the presence of cysts in or around the ovaries. Complex ovarian cysts like the corpus luteum hemorrhaging cysts usually cause bloating. They can also cause stomach swelling and stomach cramps, back pain and some other symptoms. Some other ovarian cysts like Mucinous cystadenoma can also cause bloating, as they can grow up to abnormal sizes, thus filling up the abdominal cavity.

Most of the cysts are sacs filled with a fluid and as it grows larger, the patient tends to feel heaviness in her stomach that continues to grow as the cyst with time slowly fills the abdominal cavity.

Chocolate cysts also cause excessive stomach bloating. These cysts occur outside the ovary. But they still stay attached and collect blood during the menstruation. But as there is no way out, the cysts continue to collect blood of chocolate color, and because of this, you may feel fullness or bloating in the stomach.

In fact, every non-resolving ovarian cyst causes a bloated feeling. The only way to get rid of this feeling permanently is through the holistic mode of treatment. The holistic method completely removes the cause of ovarian cysts, thus making sure that they don't ever return. And once you are cured of the cysts, the bloated feeling automatically disappears never to return again.   

Stomach Bloating

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Stomach Bloating

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