Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

The Link Between Spleen Functioning And Ovarian Cysts

What are spleen ovarian cysts and what are the best ways to treat them - read on to know more

Ovarian cysts are a very common form of gynecological problem. Many women suffer from this problem. In most of the cases women don't even realize that they may have cysts. The whole life might pass away comfortably without any problem as such. The cysts might not create any problems and not even any symptoms. In most cases the presence of cysts is detected during a regular pelvic checkup or during an ultrasound examination which was in all cases suggested for some other reason.

Spleen Ovarian Cysts

In some cases, though patients might feel a dull abdominal pain, fullness, pain during sex, and irregular monthly cycles. If the cyst ruptures, bursts or twists on itself then there might be complications like severe excruciating pain and might require immediate surgery. Very rarely are cysts found to be malignant, generally they are benign in nature.

There are various factors that that might cause ovarian cysts. Ancient medicine proves that cysts are caused by three basic reasons - dampness, blood stasis and phlegm. The spleen in body our plays a major reason in this.  Dampness and phlegm are caused by the deficiency of the spleen's powers. The spleen transforms the food we eat in to energy for us. When the spleen itself is weak, it is unable to do its work properly. People suffering from a deficient spleen suffer from many physical disorders including ovarian cysts.

They are unable to get the proper nourishment from what they eat. They feel tired; they develop digestive problems and start gaining weight. And there's also a tendency of retaining water. This leads to excess dampness in to the system and this dampness further leads to the formation of phlegm in the body. And this further manifests in to lumps of various kinds such as cysts in the ovaries.

Conventional modes of treatment when dealing with ovarian cysts does not address the spleen issue. It only deals with the cyst which will recur again if the underlying cause is not treated. The problem with spleen can be solved through the holistic approach. The holistic approach not believes in medication but also in the right diet and the right life style. Avoiding raw food and cold beverages is better for the health. One must also avoid alcohol and spicy, oily food.

The holistic approach does not only treat the ovarian cysts but it also tries to find the actual underlying cause and eliminates it. The holistic approach is slowly becoming popular as an alternative to conventional methods, more so because conventional methods can't guarantee that ovarian cysts won't recur again. The holistic approach on the other hand can cure ovarian cysts completely. And it is also possible to prevent them if you rightly follow the holistic approach. The holistic approach also doesn't cause any kind of side-effects. The best way to deal with ovarian cysts and to achieve good health is to opt for the holistic approach.


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