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An ovarian cyst is nothing but a growth or a swelling occurring within the ovary. It may be solid in nature, or filled with fluid, or it might even be semi-solid, which is filled with fluid as well as solid substance.

Solid ovarian cysts are also known as tumors. Most of us get scared the minute we hear the term tumor, as we invariably link it to cancer. But tumor is basically just a medical term, and the fact remains that not every tumor is cancerous.

Ovarian cysts might grow within the ovary or at times it sometimes grows outside as well, and stays attached to the outside by a stem. This stem is known as pedicle.

Types of Solid Ovarian Cysts or Tumors

         Functional tumors - Functional tumors are of course solid in nature. They are different from functional cysts , and they also rarely occur. These cysts can be masculine or feminine in nature, as they produce either male hormones or female hormones. Masculine tumors generally occur at the age of 20s and 30s. Feminine tumors can happen at any age, even before the girl has reached puberty. These tumors are usually benign in nature. But sometimes they can turn malignant.

         Fibromas - These ovarian cysts are generally solid, though at times they might contain some fluid as well and also at times bones can be found. In some cases, these tumors also produce estrogen.

         Brenner tumors - These tumors are very rare and they generally occur in women who have crossed the age of 40. These solid ovarian cysts are small in size and generally non cancerous.

The best treatment of cysts is through the holistic mode. The holistic method treats the body as a whole and eradicates the root causes, unlike the conventional approaches that only treat the symptoms. The holistic method makes sure that the ovarian cysts are permanently cured.  

Solid Ovarian Cyst

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Solid Ovarian Cyst

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