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What Does the Size of An Ovarian Cyst Depend on?

The size of an ovarian cyst can vary from case to case. Different types of cysts are also of varying sizes. You'll be able to get some idea about the size of ovarian cyst based on its type.

Generally, when an ovarian cyst occurs, the size starts at about half an inch. Listed below are a few types of cysts with their respective sizes:

         Follicular Cysts - These cysts grow up to the size of almost 2 inches in diameter.

         Hemorrhagic Cysts - These cysts can reach up to 6 inches.

         Dermoid Cysts - These cysts can be really large, reaching up to almost17 inches.

         Multiple cysts - These are basically clustered cysts, i.e. a cluster of cysts that can actually become 5 times bigger than a normal healthy ovary.

As you can understand, the ovarian cyst's size can differ based on its type. However, whatever the size may be, it is very important that the diagnosis of the cysts takes place as early as possible, so that the treatment can start as soon as possible. Sometimes, the cysts can become so large that the doc suggests surgery, but this could further complicate matters. Do also remember that surgery doesn't guarantee that the cysts will not return.

Before the cyst gets too large, certain adjustments can be made to alleviate, and in some cases, reduce or even eliminate it completely. This can be done relatively easily by following basic natural healing principles that govern how we live.

The best way to heal ovarian cysts is through the holistic mode of treatment. As it addresses the root causes and eradicates them completely, the cysts and their symptoms go away, never to return again. 

Size Ovarian Cyst

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Size Ovarian Cyst

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