Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Simple Ovarian Cysts:
Causes, Symptoms and Cure

Simple ovarian cysts are liable to cause delayed menstruation, rupturing or twisting, causing pain and discomfort. Out of these three episodes, delayed or irregular menstruation occurs due to a hormonal imbalance involving production of progesterone and testosterone by the woman. When a simple or follicular ovarian cyst grows on its own as a cyst, and not like a follicle releasing the egg for fertilization, this also adds to the problem.

Rupturing or bursting of the cyst causes the abdominal cavity to be flooded with the contents of the ruptured cyst that may cause intense abdominal pain along with the risk of infection that could be life-threatening. Immediate medical help is needed under such circumstances to make the patient recover the trauma and related problems.

When an ovarian cyst twists on its vascular stock or gets 'torsioned', its blood supply becomes badly disrupted as a result of which the cysts, ovary and even a portion of the fallopian tube usually die and necrose. Women under such circumstances complain of severe unilateral pain with indications of peritonitis setting in. Critically enough, it often becomes indistinguishable from any pelvic abscess or appendicitis. However, an ultrasound can always give the true picture.

Although surgery is the usual option for removal of the necrotic adnexa, people not preferring surgical interference are treated with IV fluids and total bed rest along with high sedative and pain medications. The prognosis under normal conditions is usually good, save and except danger from metabolic acidosis resulting from the tissue necrosis often raises its head.

Opt for holistic remedies to get permanent relief from the ovarian cyst syndrome. Conventional treatments just treat the symptoms and not the causes, and so, even after the symptoms go away, the cysts may return. With holistic remedies however, once the root causes are eliminated, the symptoms go away on their own.        

Simple Ovarian Cysts

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Simple Ovarian Cysts

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