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Septated Ovarian Cyst: Causes And DANGERS

Here we are discussing in detail about septated ovarian cyst and trying to find out the best remedy for it

Though ovarian cysts occur in women as a matter of routine, most of them are often unaware of their presence as the cysts themselves are usually harmless and asymptomatic. Nevertheless, they can cause pain, heaviness in the abdomen, irregular menses and sometimes heavy bleeding. While normal follicular cysts occur in course of ovulation and resolve of their own in due course of time, some cysts like the mucinous cystadonema cysts that can grow to extra large size require invasive surgery for their removal.

Septated Ovarian Cyst

One such cyst that weighed more than 300 lb after removal created upheaval among the medical profession during the very recent past. Certain type of cysts can also become malignant (turn cancerous) if left untreated for long.

However, ultrasound and laparoscopic examination has proved to be quite helpful in diagnosing ovarian cysts to a great extent and a few words may be said here about the usefulness of the former. Ultrasound or more precisely, ultrasonography is clinically useful for characterization of cystic masses, providing their nature of growth, type, location; while furnishing a global survey of abdomen (transabdominal imaging). Of course, transvaginal sonography is equally significant in diagnosing difficult type of cysts harboring within the ovaries of an otherwise healthy female.

As for septated ovarian cysts that are divided into segments or parts with separating walls between them (septa means wall), ultrasound proves extremely useful in assessing the thickness of the walls. This is vital in diagnosing the malignancy of the cyst as thicker the walls; more are the chances of the cyst turning cancerous like a complex cyst that has solid as well as not-so-solid areas in it. Once the characteristics of the septated cyst is determined through ultrasound, it is removed by laparoscopic method and sent for evaluation of malignancy. Otherwise laparotomy may have to be performed if the cysts happen to be bigger in size and the same routine followed. However, for a simple septated cyst, another ultrasound may have to be done later.

However, whether septated cysts invariably turn cancerous or not is a debatable question. Many factors that include the general health of the patient, her family history indicating malignancy (including breast cancer), nature of menstrual cycle, bleeding (heavy or scanty), abdominal heaviness or uneasiness, etc are taken into consideration before a decision is made. Of course if the biopsy reports positive, the dilemma can be easily solved.

Holistic remedies are the best way to treat septated ovarian cysts. The fact is, conventional remedies cannot treat the cyst as effective as the holistic approach because they just treat the symptoms and never go deeper. But this is necessary because the cyst may be formed due to many causes and so an investigation of them becomes crucial. The holistic system treats the body as a whole and investigates all the causes and then treats all of them separately. And not only that, the holistic approach also treats the mind and the spirit apart from the health to enhance the health of the woman and ensures that the cyst never returns again.

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