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Room Treatment - Ovarian Cysts: Pros And Cons

Even though the custom of home treatment for ovarian cyst performed in the privacy of one's bedroom is not much endorsed by the medical fraternity, it is nevertheless, widely practiced by many who have reportedly benefited from it. However, it has a few limitations which should be carefully considered before attempting any form of room treatment.

First of all, you should make sure that the pain and accompanying discomforts are caused due to ovarian cysts only, and not because of any other pelvic disorder. In other words, the diagnosis should be correct before attempts are made to treat the disease. And for this, you should consult with your gynaecologist or doctor who can give the final verdict. And secondly, you should also make sure that the offending cyst is not of the malignant type or cancerous in nature. This can only be determined through USG, CT Scan or MR imaging.

However, once these issues are sorted out and the cyst declared to be benign, room treatment may start by the administration of birth control pills very much within the privacy of one's bedroom without any hassles. Alternatively, a dose of natural progesterone may be injected into the bloodstream for better and quick relief. Clinically known as 'Natural Progesterone Therapy' where the natural progesterone in the blood tricks each ovary into understanding that the other has ovulated. This simple ruse results in creating the desired effect, namely, the stoppage of ovulation. With the suppression of the luteinizing effect of the LH, the cysts lose stimulation and eventually wither away without much ado and the problem is solved.

Room treatments may help to some extent, but the best action would be to opt for holistic remedies. There are many contributing factors of the ovarian cyst syndrome and only a holistic approach can give you the best results. Further, holistic remedies treat the root causes and not just the symptoms, and so, once these causes are eliminated, the symptoms go away too.        

Room Treatment Ovarian Cysts

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Room Treatment Ovarian Cysts

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