Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Removing Ovarian Cyst:
Is It REALLY Effective?

Before attempts are made for removing ovarian cysts , it is worthwhile to consider if such steps are absolutely necessary to do so. First of all, most ovarian cysts are harmless and benign (non-cancerous) and are even functional in nature. Secondly, removal of cysts surgically does not ensure that they will not reappear after sometime and thirdly, there are some risks involved in the process, as some cysts tend to rupture during laparoscopic removal. And finally, there are several ways and means of controlling them that includes both conventional treatments as well as alternative therapeutic methods.

However, removing an ovarian cyst becomes mandatory if (a) it has been proved to be cancerous; (b) it is putting undue pressure on the urinary bladder and other surrounding abdominal organs because of its abnormally large size as is usual with dermoid, cystadenona or endometrial cysts ; (c) it has become twisted and is likely to rupture causing many complications and (d) it has been found to be having strange and unknown body mass.

Removing ovarian cysts surgically involves three common processes - Doing it laparoscopically; using laparotomy to remove the cyst or going for open surgery. Out of these, laparoscopic surgery provides the quickest, safest and less painful method. but there is one drawback. As the hole made for inserting the laparoscope is very small, it does not permit the performing surgeon to see if cancer has spread to other neighboring areas. Laparotomy however, can provide a better view of the affected organ, although the chance of adhesion is higher here. An open surgery allows the surgeon to see the entire pelvic area so that the cysts along with all suspected tissue from the abdomen can be safely removed. But, it involves longer hospital stay as well as better post operative care and therapy.

The best cyst treatment is through the holistic approach that treats the root causes and not just the symptoms. The fact is, even with surgery, the cyst might return because the root causes remain. So treat these causes with holistic remedies to forget about the ovarian cyst syndrome permanently.      

Removing Ovarian Cyst

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Removing Ovarian Cyst

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