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Progesterone And Ovarian Cyst Link UNCOVERED

This article describes in detail the relationship between progesterone and ovarian cyst.

Progesterone is very much an ingredient of procreation in which the ovaries play a significant part while ovarian cysts are nothing but by-products of failed or disrupted ovulation. In fact, the word PROGESTERONE itself signifies conception (PRO means 'For' and GESTERONE stands for Conception).

Progesterone And Ovarian Cyst

In simple language, through the effects of Follicle Stimulating Hormones or FSH, one or more ovarian follicles are developed every month in a healthy female. Then the Luteinizing Hormones or LH prompt actual ovulation and transformation of the follicle into the 'corpus luteum' that produces progesterone. During the early years of a menstruating woman, ovulation may be accompanied by slight bleeding where the follicle has ruptured to release the egg. This may cause abdominal pain and low fever (in the middle days between periods, commonly called MITTELSCHMERZ - in German language, meaning Middle and Pain).

Later in life, usually after their mid-thirties, women often develop ovarian cysts that may not cause serious symptoms but may give rise to low pelvic pain. In most cases, these cysts resolve themselves but may also persist and go on increasing in size, causing complications and discomfort. These cysts are usually caused due to failed ovulation, in which, for reasons presently unidentified, ovulation could not proceed successfully. However, with each succeeding month's flow of Luteinizing Hormones, the cysts swell, stretching the surface membrane that causes pain, accompanied by hemorrhage. Sometime, the cysts become as large as golf balls or grapefruits. Treatment for removal of the cysts typically involve surgery, done through laparoscopy in which a few small holes are made into the abdomen of the patient, through which the necessary equipments and a micro camera is inserted into the abdomen, while the surgeon does the operation with the aid of a monitor that displays the images of the cysts and surrounding area, transmitted by the camera.

An alternative treatment for ovarian cysts involve intake of natural progesterone which can literally deceive the reproductive system into thinking that the woman has become pregnant. When a woman conceives, the ovulation stops and no follicle occur and therefore, no cyst can grow. In other words, by taking natural progesterone, she may trick the system into believing that she has conceived while the fact remains that she hasn't! However, the natural progesterone does its duty by signaling the stoppage of ovulation and hence stoppage of cyst formation. In short, the intake of natural progesterone from day 10 to day 16 of the cycle will suppress the Luteinizing Hormones and no cyst will grow.

However, natural progesterone is very much unlike those contained in prescription birth control pills that have chemically derived hormonal products. Natural progesterone is bio-identical to the hormones secreted by the body, having similar composition and structure and hence are totally safe for use. But one should be hundred percent sure that she has ovarian cysts in her body and not tumors since the natural progesterone will have no effect on tumors. Also, the diagnosis has to be perfect, before natural progesterone is prescribed for ovarian cysts. In addition, cancerous cysts do not come under its purview.

Ovarian cyst can be most effectively treated with the help of holistic remedies. These remedies treat the body as a whole and that is why they are able to delve much deeper, rather than just treating the symptoms of the condition, which is what conventional system does. Holistic remedies provide quicker results, are safe and do not cause any side effects too. And the best news is that the ovarian cyst never makes a comeback, which is often what happens when you have opted for conventional remedies. No wonder, an increasing number of people these days are turning towards holistic remedies.

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