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Can You Become
Pregnant With PCOS?

Even though women affected with the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can become infertile, there are many who can become pregnant, with some help that promote ovulation. However, women pregnant with PCOS go through much more health related problems as compared to those who do not suffer from such hormone imbalanced conditions. Some of the primary health hazards faced by pregnant women with PCOS include pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, miscarriage, and insulin resistance, premature delivery with macrosomia.

Studies have revealed that pregnant women with PCOS are at a greater risk of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, while many others have argued that it has nothing to do with hypertension during pregnancy. However, it is an established fact that women with borderline hypertension developed prior to pregnancy, tend to develop increased blood pressure in pregnancy.

Surprisingly enough, women with PCOS having no history of diabetes are often found to have high blood sugar levels during pregnancy - a condition that is clinically termed 'gestational diabetes'. It is more pronounced in obese women with PCOS, who are in the habit of taking ovulation inducing medications.

PCOS women who have managed to become pregnant appear to win half the battle as they have a greater risk of losing their pregnancy. The underlying cause behind this is their imbalanced hormone ratio. They tend to produce more progesterone than what is called normal, and as a result, can lose their much prized pregnancy.

PCOS thus needs to be treated quickly. There are natural PCOS treatments and also conventional treatments. But they can just treat the symptoms. Holistic remedies however treat the root causes and so, once the main causes are eradicated, the PCOS problem never comes back. This is however not so with the other approaches.     

Pregnant with PCOS

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Pregnant with PCOS

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