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What is Polycystic Disease?
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In a polycystic disease , a woman develops a number of small cysts in her ovaries. The disease is better known in the medical world as polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, and it is quite common among women who are in their reproductive age. The symptoms for the polycystic disease though differ from one woman to another, and they can include health issues like obesity, pain in the pelvic area, insulin resistance, acne, sleep apnea, growth of excess hair, growth of extra skin in the armpit and neck area, irregular periods, and there can be other problems as well.

It is advisable to see the doctor as soon as you start experiencing these symptoms. But do take note of the fact that in some cases, there might be no symptoms at all. The doctor will go through your medical history, perform certain tests such as blood tests and an ultrasound exam for measuring the size and understanding the nature and type of the cysts.

You can help yourself by maintaining a balanced PCOS diet , excluding food high on carbohydrates and calories. It is advisable to avoid food that contain saturated and trans-fats. In stead of sugar, one can have dates and honey. It is good to have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Apart from food, one also needs to pay attention to regular exercising. The idea is to shed excess weight.

Polycystic Disease

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It will be wise to opt for holistic remedies instead of the conventional treatments when you are looking for a PCOS cure. Holistic remedies, unlike the conventional and natural treatments go to the root of the problem and treat the contributing factors. This is why holistic remedies are so successful, as opposed to the other remedies that just treat the symptoms.            

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Polycystic Disease

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