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What Is PCOS? What Are Its Causes, Symptoms & Implications?

PCOS or the polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition where a woman's ovaries develop every month more follicles than what is normal. Normally what happens is, about five follicles begin to mature during every menstrual cycle and at ovulation, at least one egg-containing follicle releases a mature egg. However in case of PCOS, the ovary matures double the follicles than normal, and these enlarge as well as ripen, but do not release an egg.


This endocrine disorder is evident in 5% of all women approximately. PCOS may lead to infertility and is the most common hormonal disorder among women in the age group of 12 to 45 years. However the symptoms of the condition keep differing among women of all ages. Obesity, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart and liver problems, and diabetes have a strong correlation with PCOS.


The symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome include light or heavy bleeding during periods, irregular periods , mild abdominal discomfort, acne, excessive growth of hair on the face, chest and lower abdomen, and excessive growth of skin on the neck or armpit.


When diagnosing PCOS health, the doctor goes through the medical history records, requires doing an ultrasound for checking enlarged polycystic ovaries, and also prescribes blood tests for measuring the hormone levels.


The best way to treat PCOS is opting for holistic remedies. Yes, these remedies for PCOS cure are better than the conventional medications, which do not address the root causes of the problem. Holistic remedies probe into the condition and heal from the roots, helping one to get rid of the problem properly.



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