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PCOS Supplements:
Effective or Eye-Wash?

If you browse through the Internet, you will find that there are thousands of PCOS supplements that are available. Ideally, they should give you the relief, but sadly, that is not the case. This is why you must be very careful when you are selecting something. Do also remember that often, a particular supplement may work for someone, but not for another person.

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is often seen among women of the reproductive age. In this condition, a number of cysts develop in a woman's ovaries, and it can also lead to infertility. PCOS can also cause other health issues like sleep apnea, diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, pelvic or abdominal pain, irregular periods , excess growth of hair on face and chest and other health issues. In PCOS, there is a significant rise of male hormones known as androgens in a woman's body.

It is important to eat right so as to gain relief from PCOS. You can get rid of the PCOS symptoms and other related health issues by eating food that is rich in vitamin D, such as fortified milk, low fat dairy products and cereals. Limited intake of zinc is good for balancing blood sugar levels, improving eating disorders and correcting skin problems. Insulin levels and weight loss happens with intake of calcium supplements like cheese, almonds, Brazil nuts and sesame seeds.

PCOS Supplements

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It is also a brilliant idea to opt for holistic remedies. Holistic remedies actually look into the root of the health problem and then provide relief to the patients. This is not how the conventional as well as natural treatments work - they just treat the symptoms and not the root causes. This is why holistic remedies work so well.       

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PCOS Supplements

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