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If you are talking about polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS cure , it will be ideal to opt for the right mode of treatment. The syndrome is an endocrine disorder that affects a lot of women from all over the world. In this condition, many small cysts develop in the ovaries and there is a rise in the level of male hormones in a woman's body. Women in the age group of 12 to 45 years are among the most affected, though there are cysts even after that too.


It has been found that there is a strong relation between the syndrome and diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance. For PCOS treatment, women from all over the world intake birth control pills, infertility treatment pills, and also pills for symptom management. Injections are also on the list of treatment options for PCOS.


Among the common symptoms for PCOS is the sudden growth of excessive hair on the face, toes, thumbs and chest, mild to moderate pain in the abdomen, irregular periods, heavy and light flow during periods and male pattern baldness. The doctor studies the medical history for diagnosis and also performs tests like blood tests and ultrasound.


There are several kinds of PCOS medication available. You can go for the conventional and over the counter medicines, herbal treatments and other natural treatments as well. While many of them can provide some relief, but it is mainly from the symptoms, while the root causes remain unattended to. This is of course not good.


It will be advisable to opt for holistic remedies as these tend to look into the root of the health condition and provide the right healing option. This is why holistic remedies are so successful with PCOS. 

PCOS Medication

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