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Partial Solid Ovarian Cyst Should Be NEVER Ignored

Find out everything about the partial solid ovarian cyst and also know the best way to cure it.

Ovarian cysts can be of two types - simple ovarian cysts and complex ovarian cysts. Simple ovarian cysts are filled only with liquids or fluids; where as complex ovarian cysts are partially solid i.e. it contains both solid and liquid components. 

Partial Solid Ovarian Cyst

A partially solid or a complex ovarian cyst is rare compared to the simple ovarian cysts. Complex ovarian cysts are generally found to be more malignant that simple cysts.  In most cases ovarian cysts don't have any or many symptoms. Thus it becomes difficult to know if someone has a cyst or not. The presence of the cysts is generally detected during routine pelvic check up or during an ultra sound examination.

There are various types of partial solid ovarian cysts- Dermoid cysts, Endometrioma, Cystadenomas. These cysts can turn malignant in nature and can turn fatal if left untreated. These conditions can lead to some very painful situations. Let us now discuss these various types of cysts in a little more detail:

Dermoid cysts: Dermoid cysts are formed from the same cells that make up human eggs. Because of this reason these cysts have a haunting resemblance to humans, due to the presence of teeth, hair, sometimes ayes and even sweat glands. The presence of such a cyst in the body sometimes causes depression to the woman suffering from this condition. These cysts are generally not malignant in nature. But it can lead to severe pain and discomfort if the cyst gets twisted which they have a tendency to do.

Endometrioma: It is actually a cyst that forms outside the uterus. If left untreated; this cyst can lead to serious complications.

Cystadenomas:  These cysts grow huge in size and as result they lead to very painful situations. These cysts too have a tendency to twist on themselves thus leading to severe pain lots of discomfort.

Cure for these partial solid cysts-

In many cases surgery is the only option suggested by doctors in this painful condition. But in some cases drugs too have helped. But none of these conventional methods can guarantee a 100% cure. They can't guarantee that the cysts won't return again or suggest prevention. In most cases these complex cysts keep recurring thus leading to painful situations and depressions. It is best to look beyond just the cyst and try to find a treatment can deal with the root cause of the cysts. The conventional methods only treat the symptoms without trying to address the root cause.

The holistic approach is in fact the best mode of treatment while dealing with the ovarian cysts. The holistic approach is versatile and multidimensional in its approach. The holistic approach instead of just focusing on the disease focuses on the overall condition. It believes in an over all betterment of the emotional, physical and mental health. Where complex ovarian cysts are concerned the holistic approach is the simplest, most efficient and safest mode of treatment.


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