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Para Ovarian Cysts: How

By ovarian cysts, we normally refer to those growths that happen in the ovaries of a woman. However, para ovarian cysts are somewhat different. This is because they do not originate in the ovaries. In fact, they are located alongside the ovaries, sometimes also on the fallopian tubes, thus creating difficulty in diagnosis. Often, these growths are mistaken to be cysts, which they are not, and thus the name para ovarian cyst.

Often, these growths are quite small, and when this is the case, then it becomes even more difficult to notice. Diagnosis becomes all the more difficult when they grow in close proximity to the ovaries. However, transvaginal and transabdominal sonography may sometimes establish their existence, but laparoscopic surgery can do it more effectively.

Clinically speaking, para ovarian cysts appear to represent the leftovers of the Wolfian Duct, which lies almost parallel to the upper portion of the uterus, vagina and the fallopian tubes.

Although very rare, para ovarian cysts can grow to very large size (several cases of para ovarian cysts were observed in which, they appeared to be as large as grapefruits), even extending the upper abdomen. However, their symptoms as well as dimensions usually do not correspond to a woman's hormonal cycle as common ovarian cysts do. Since para ovarian cysts are also liable to tear, bleed or rupture and get infected, they can be successfully removed through key hole surgery.

Surgery may be able to remove these growths, but the reason why they appeared in the body still remains, even after they have been removed. Thus, they often return. The best way to get rid of the ovarian cyst syndrome and other problems like this is to opt for holistic remedies - they work better than natural treatment for ovarian cyst and also conventional treatments. They just treat the symptoms, whereas holistic remedies treat the root causes. 

Para Ovarian Cyst

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Para Ovarian Cyst

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