Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Painful Ovarian Cysts

Cysts routinely occur in the ovaries of a large number of females. Some of these are simple and are even functional by nature, while others are abnormal and complex. And some of them can become cancerous or malignant. Cancerous or non-cancerous, cysts often cause severe abdominal pain, and the fact is, instances of painful ovarian cysts are quite common actually.

Types of Ovarian Cysts - Those That Can Cause Abdominal Pain

Hemorrhagic cysts, also known as Blood cysts, Haematocysts and Haemotocele are considered to be foremost among painful ovarian cysts. When a tiny blood vessel within the cyst ruptures, blood leaks into the cysts. The bleeding often becomes profuse, covering the ovary within a few minutes. However, the pain that starts at the instant soon takes a severe turn as the collected blood begins to clot within the ovary. The incident may be viewed clearly on a sonogram.

The bleeding from Hemorrhaging cysts not only stops without any surgical intervention, due probably to its self-limiting nature, but also rarely comes out of the vagina, provided the patient takes complete bed rest. But this does not mean that treatment for ovarian cysts is not required because they can often turn complicated.

Normal over-the-counter pain relievers are usually prescribed to help the person find some relief from the pain. Antibiotics are sometimes used for controlling probable secondary stage infection as well. Pain on the right side of the lower abdomen is a hallmark symptom of these Hemorrhaging cysts.

Adnexal Torsion signifying torsion of the ovary also causes severe abdominal pain. Ovarian torsion usually occurs in a single ovary that becomes pathologically enlarged. This irregularity creates a pivot around which the oviduct revolves. Even though the process involves a single ovary, it appears to affect both of them. More than 50% of all torsion happens on the right side of the abdomen.

Studies have revealed that multiple factors are responsible for the development of ovarian torsion. Even though torsion rarely occurs in normal adnexa, it happens more frequently from several anatomical changes. For instance, it is quite common among teenaged girls where developmental abnormalities like unusually elongated fallopian tubes or absence of meosalpinx mostly creates the problem. Also, ovarian tumors (both benign and cancerous) are involved in more than 50% cases of ovarian torsion that causes intense abdominal pain.

Chocolate cyst which is a form of endometroid cysts causes severe abdominal pain too when it ruptures and spills its dark brown and chocolate colored content. Endometriosis is formed when a small patch of endometrial tissue bleeds and separates off. As studies reveal, this tissue gets transplanted and grows in size, and becomes engorged with blood. In course of time, the encapsulated blood goes stale, eventually turning to a dark brown shade. As it finally ruptures, flooding the uterus, bowels and other vital organs within the pelvis, inexorable abdominal pain affects the stricken female.

Dermoid ovarian cysts containing a bizarre assortment of human skin, bone, cartilages, ear, nose, eyes, etc and growing to fairly large dimensions can cause intense abdominal pain when twisted (torsion). In acute stages, these cysts can lead to stoppage of blood supply to the ovary as well. The pain is mostly caused when the cyst also ruptures, spilling their weird contents all over the pelvic region and flooding the vital organ located in it.

Cures For Ovarian Cysts - Getting Rid Of The Pain

Riddled with intense abdominal pain, sometimes affecting the right abdomen or the left, if you ask any medical person for immediate relief, the only response will come in the shape of a painkiller available across the counter. Apparently it may make sense because your immediate need is to get some relief from the pain.

However in truth, this is not the right approach. Though the pain might go away and with it the cyst too with treatment, but when the cyst returns (as it often does), the pain is likely to return too. This is what the conventional remedies do, and this is a mistake. You should rather seek holistic remedies because they treat the root causes and not the symptoms. With these root causes gone, the pain goes away too. And yes, you will never again have the cyst or the associated pain anymore. Holistic remedies are completely safe and they give quick results too. More and more people with the cysts are thus turning to holistic remedies today for permanent relief.

Painful Ovarian Cysts

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Painful Ovarian Cysts

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